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Pre-study of different Reynolds numbers for the ASMO test car

Short description and remarks

Short description and remarks

Flow around a car at different Reynolds numbers. This simulation is a first pre-study of the flow behaviour for a recent BMBF project together with Daimler--Benz/Stuttgart. In all following diagrams, the first column is for a low Reynolds number case, followed by a calculation for a midranged Reynolds number. A typical coarse mesh is shown in the following figure.

For a detailed description of the performed flow configurations look at the corresponding pages in the `Virtual Album'.


  • Distribution of temperature/concentration via Boussinesq model

    Visualization via temperature distribution, starting from the heated shape of the car (first row), and via tracing of concentration, starting from the inlet (second row).

  • Pressure

    Visualization via shaded pressure plots.

  • Streamfunction

    Visualization via shaded streamline plots.

  • Velocity

    Visualization via vector plots in a zoomed region.

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