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Channel flow with cavity at medium Reynolds number

Computational details
Short description and remarks

Short description and remarks

Channel flow over a square cavity at medium Reynolds number, starting fully developed. The flow shows a periodical behaviour, in the cavity itself ("wandering" vortices near the walls) as well as in the channel after the cavity ("breaking waves"). However, the main structure in the cavity is similar to the "lid driven cavity" example.

This simulation is one of the oldest in the 'Virtual Album', and it is a student version!


  • Distribution of temperature/concentration via Boussinesq model

    Visualization via distribution of a given concentration in the flow field, via temperature distribution from the heated walls (first and second, with different color maps, 2.8 MB and 3.7 MB) or via starting particles at the inlet (third and fourth, with different color maps, 3.4 MB and 3.6 MB).

  • Pressure

    Visualization via pressure plots, shaded (first, 4 MB) and via isolines (second, 13.2 MB). Again, the pressure is hard to visualize due to differences in the magnitude if we compare the "pressure in the cavity" (the more interesting one?) with the behaviour outside.

  • Streamfunction

    Visualization via streamline plots, shaded (first, 3.8 MB) and via isolines (second, 6.3 MB). Again, the visualization is difficult since the most interesting flow inside the cavity has a very small range only. The second video shows the streamlines mainly in the cavity.

  • Velocity

    Visualization via vector plots (8.9 MB), zoomed around the cavity.

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