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(Regularized) Driven Cavity (I) at low Reynolds number with 2 interior squares

Computational details
Short description and remarks

Short description and remarks

(Regularized) Driven Cavity calculation in a rectangle of height 3 and width 5, starting from rest. We only prescribe inhomogeneous boundary data at the top. For the underlying Reynolds number, Re=250, the observed flow gets steady. This simulation is part of a Software-Praktikum at the University of Heidelberg in 1997, with the aim to compare different Driven Cavity configurations. See the corresponding pages in the 'Virtual Album'.


  • Distribution of temperature/concentration via Boussinesq model

    Visualization via temperature distribution from the heated walls, shaded (first, 1 MB ) and via isolines (second, 3.2 MB)

  • Pressure

    Visualization via pressure plots, shaded (first, 0.3 MB) and via isolines (second, 2 MB).

  • Streamfunction

    Visualization via streamline plots, shaded (first, 0.7 MB) and via isolines (second, 6 MB).

  • Velocity

    Visualization via vector plots (vectors, 2.8 MB).

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