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Channel flows over a hill at different Reynolds numbers

Short description and remarks

Short description and remarks

This simulation shows the flow through a channel in which a hill is located. The configuration is very similar to the proposed `turbulent benchmark' which can be found at .

The flow tends to some steady behaviour (medium Re case), while it seems to be fully nonsteady for the high Reynolds number case. The corresponding coarse mesh (after two refinements) for all calculations is plotted in the following diagram. For a detailed description of the simulated flow configurations look at the corresponding pages in the `Virtual Album'.


  • Distribution of temperature/concentration via Boussinesq model

    Visualization via distribution of temperature in the flow field, starting from the heated walls (maximum size of 3.8 MB). We show the results for the medium (first) and the high Reynolds number case (second).

  • Pressure

    Visualization via pressure plots, shaded (maximum size of 4.4 MB).

  • Streamfunction

    Visualization via streamline plots, shaded (maximum size of 3 MB).

  • Velocity

    Visualization via vector plots (maximum size of 9.6 MB).

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