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Flow around a rotating propeller at medium Reynolds number in 3D

Computational details
Short description and remarks

Short description and remarks

Flow at medium Reynolds number around a rotating propeller which is described via the "Fictitious Boundary Conditions", with inflow and outflow on opposite sides. On the top of the propeller, there is another outlet. All calculations are performed on ONE SINGLE mesh which does not change in time! The position of the actual boundary is determined via "filters" and incorporated into the iterative solvers! A more detailed description of the underlying mathematical and numerical concepts is given in Stefan Turek's CFD-book, Springer .

This is the first 3D page in the `Virtual Album' which has been completely created via GMV (`General Mesh Viewer'). A description of the visualization steps corresponding to each MPEG video is described here or can be downloaded here!


  • Flight show

    For a `flight show' through the computational domain for a snapshot of the simulation data, press here!

  • Pressure

    Visualization via shaded pressure plots on an extruded cutplane (2.5 MB each).

    Visualization via several isosurfaces with fixed colours (left) and coloured by velocity (2.5 MB each).

  • Velocity

    Visualization via shaded plots of the norm of velocity (with isolines) on an extruded cutplane (2.5 MB).

    Visualization via isosurfaces with fixed colours (left) and coloured by pressure (2.5 MB each). The propeller is visualized as a grey isovolume.

    Visualization via isovolumes coloured by pressure (left) and with clipping techniques (2.5 MB each).

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