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The following examples are part of the (planned) `FEATFLOW FONT' which aims to generate a `Navier-Stokes flow' font: the ultimate font for text-writing!

In a first step, we have to generate the flow configurations for each character (lowercase and uppercase) which have to be combined to full lines of text in the following step. As physical model we apply the Boussinesq equations and simulate the flow and transport of temperature/concentration in each character via the FEATFLOW software. It is obvious that this font may require quite a lot of computing power....

Most of the characters were generated in spring/summer of 1999 during our Software-Praktikum/Lecture in Heidelberg, hereby using our `new' mesh generator DEVISORGRID1.0 and the graphics tool GMV: General Mesh Viewer.

And here, you may find the first examples and pre-studies to combine the characters to build strings, words, sentences, texts, etc.!

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