FeatFlow 1.3 Release Candidate 10 released.
Small bugs fixed:

  • Featflow benchmark stopped when executing the pp2d example. There was a file missing in the tarball.
  • Compiler settings of G77 slightly changed to be compatible with gfortran.

FeatFlow 1.3 Release Candidate 9 released.
Two bugs fixed:

  • Refinement routine in the file SVEB.F of the FEAT2D library rewritten. Gives a dramatically speed increase when refining 2D grids, expecially when the mesh levels are higher.
    Note: If you want to download the new SVEB.F without downloading the whole archive, you can follow this link: SVEB.F
    Put this into the folder libraries/feat2d/src of the Featflow installation. Rename the old SVEB.F before!
  • Bug in the file INIT1.F of all applications fixed. The INIT routine used the variable MSHOW before defining it, so whether the first lines of output appeared on the screen depended on the machine and the compiler.

The software is still beta, so use it at your own risk. Please tell us about any problems with the installation.

Use the "tar" command for decompressing the file ("tar -xvzf ..."). Don't use WinZIP or WinRAR or similar programs since they seem to have problems with .tar.gz files!

Furthermore please execute the Featflow Benchmark and send us the resulting .log-files. Our possibility to test a large variety of computer systems is limited, so we are always searching for new results to publish on our homepage.


The FEAST homepage has been fully redesigned and expanded.


The preprocessing tool DeViSoR Grid3D (version 3.0.15) has been released and provides major improvements and new features. See DeViSoR homepage.


FeatFlow 1.3 Release Candidate 8 released.
Based on RC3, we have now a RC8. The package contains the following changes:

  • Makefiles updated for new processor architectures, fall-forward strategy if compiler does not exist (as G77 is not included in the newest gcc packages anymore, gfortran and g95 is tested)
  • Some bugs fixed, especially when trying to compile in higher precision mode (128 bit doubles, 64 bit integers).
  • Added compiler target to support 8GB memory with Intel Fortran compiler on 64 bit machines (use 'make ALT=ifclarge').
  • Commented version of CC2D_MOVBC available. Should help those programmers who want to know what happens inside the code. Note that this is test code! Comments are welcome, but no official support is given for that version.

The software is still beta, so use it at your own risk. Please tell us about any problems with the installation.

Furthermore please execute the Featflow Benchmark and send us the resulting .log-files. Our possibility to test a large variety of computer systems is limited, so we are always searching for new results to publish on our homepage.

09/Nov/2005 Update for documentation of parpp3d++ released: PDF, Postscript.
13/Oct/2005 gmvmpeg 3.0.3 released.
  • Removed the deprecated MPEG-1 encoder. Replaced it with settings for the MPEG-2 encoder to create MPEG-1 format. This speeds up creation and improves quality for MPEG-1 movies.
  • Fix to create movies even without write permission in current working directory.
Updated the Postscript Documentation as well.

gmvmpeg 3.0 released.
gmvmpeg is a perl-script that automates and simplifies the generation of MPEG movies out of a sequence of files in GMV format, the "General Mesh Viewer" of the Los Alamos group. Particularly, the possibility to do this "in background" on (remote) computers might be of general interest.

In version 3.0 we added support for the -j option as in make and support for arbitrary naming of the gmv files:

-j <jobs>:
Specifies the number of jobs (commands) to run simultaneously. If there is more than one -j option, the last one is effective. (default: 1)
(needs Perl Module Parallel::ForkManager. Get it from www.cpan.org.)
-i <pattern>:
pattern for gmv input files, use % as wildcard character. Several % mean padding with zeros, e.g.
for a file list like:   u.1.gmv, u.2.gmv, ..., u.100.gmv, ...
for a file list like:   u.01.gmv, u.02.gmv, ..., u.100.gmv, ...
for a file list like:   u.001.gmv, u.002.gmv, ..., u.100.gmv, ...
for a file list like:   u_#1.gmv, u_#2.gmv, ..., u_#100.gmv, ...
for a file list like:   sim1, sim2, ..., sim100, ...
(default: u.%.gmv)
Especially the parallel mode should be of general interest and speed up the movie creation process significantly.
22/Aug/2005 parpp3d++ 1.0.5 released.
Updated Makefile settings. Fixed compile problems with current LAM/MPI releases. (see parpp3d++ section for more details on the program.)

FeatFlow 1.3 Release Candidate 3 released.
After a long delay we decided to create a new Featflow package, based on the Featflow source code version 1.2d. The package contains the following changes:

  • completely redesigned installation routine based on "intelligent" Makefiles
  • redesigned directory structure
  • known bugs fixed
  • detailed readme.txt documentation files where to find what for what
  • compatibility for Cygwin Unix emulator package for Windows
  • included project files (beta) for compiling the code in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2004 IDE with Intel Fortran Compiler 8.0

The documentation itself was not revised - therefore before installing Featflow please read the file "readme.txt" in the main directory. This file describes the structure of the new package and how to install it. The different subdirectories contain additional readme.txt files for applications, libraries, benchmark,...

This file is our first "official" release candidate for Featflow 1.3. It's still beta, so use it at your own risk. Please tell us about any problems with the installation.

Furthermore please execute the Featflow Benchmark and send us the resulting .log-files. Our possibility to test a large variety of computer systems is limited, so we are always searching for new results to publish on our homepage.

14/Jan/2005 parpp3d++ 1.0.3 released.
Completely rewritten the Makefile structure to better support shared home directories in a heterogenous network and to distinguish better between different flavour of Linux systems (64bit, 32bit, with/out SSE2/3 etc.) by means of an (automatically determined) build target id.
14/Jan/2005 A new version of gmvmpeg is available. Version 2.54 supports generation of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 movies from a sequence of GMV files.
See download section.
06/Jun/2004 parpp3d++ 1.0.2 released.
Mainly a maintenance release which became necessary because of compile errors with newer releases of GNU g++ (3.x).
Also introducing optional support for vorticity output.
Additionally, two utilities are available now to merge the output files in AVS and/or GMV format.
13/Jun/2003 parpp3d++ 1.0 released.
Fully documented parallel version of PP3D. See download section.

A new version of the cc2d solver for the nonlinear fluids is available. The main new features are the stabilization of the discretization in the case of deformation tensor formulation and improved treatment of the nonlinear problem using Newton method.

  • The code can be downloaded here: cc2d_pwrlaw_stab.tar.gz
  • For compilation the UMFPACK library (v.2.2.1, last fortran version) is needed and is included in the cc2d_pwrlaw_stab.tar.gz file.
  • To install this version in your existing FEATFLOW tree unpack the cc2d_pwrlaw_stab.tar.gz file in the featflow1.2/featflow/source/ directory and see ./cc2d_pwrlaw_stab/dev/README file for further hints on compilation. A few example dat files are included in ./cc2d_pwrlaw_stab/dev/#data/ directory.

    The mathematical details can be found in this paper Multigrid methods for stabilized nonconforming finite elements for incompressible flow involving the deformation tensor formulation S. Turek, A. Ouazzi and R. Schmachtel, pp. 235--248, Journal of Numerical Mathematics, Volume 10, No. 3, 2002.

  • 26/Aug/2002 New version of GMVDIFF available.
    25/Jul/2002 Patch for installing Featflow under Windows 98/NT/2000/XP is available.

    There is a problem with the bouss* versions (bouss, bouss_powerlaw) causing floating point exception error on some architectures (Compaq/alpha) see Bug report page for more details and fix.

    10/Oct/2001 Sorry for the long delay! We are finishing the new `Virtual Album' which will be published by Springer on DVD in 2001.

    Enclosed, there will be the "old" FEATFLOW software version but we plan to publish a significantly improved version in summer 2002!

    Be sure that the FEAST Group is still very active.......In fact, our group has significantly grown such that we expect `great things' in the next years. Nevertheless, we still need further experts for out team....:-)

    22/Aug/2001 A new graduate school for Production Engeneering and Logistics at the University of Dortmund will start in October, 2001. For more information see here.
    10/Nov/2000 If you are interested in a FEATFLOW FELLOWSHIP in 2001, please contact us!
    10/Nov/2000 There is a problem with the deformation tensor; please contact us if you want to work with the xxxx_POWERLAW versions!

    FEATFLOW Summer School

    for more information see the Homepage of Lehrstuhl III of Mathematik

    23/May/2000 The CDROM is finished and has been sent via postal mail....
    19/Apr/2000 The CDROM is (almost) finished: It was a hard "fight" to prepare it simultanously for LINUX, UNIX, WIN and MACOS. However, I suggest that finally we have been successful such we currently start to make copies from the master CDROM. Therefore, I hope to start with sending the CDROM from next week on.....
    17/Apr/2000 There is a new champion for the FEATFLOW BENCHMARKS which is by far much faster than all others......
    It is the ALPHA EV6 (21264) processor in a DEC workstation under OSF which operates at 500 MHz (Thanks to J.Hron!!!).
    12/Apr/2000 The new release of the FEATFLOW BENCHMARKS is finished!!!
    12/Apr/2000 We have prepared the new version FEATFLOW_1.2d which contains only "minor" changes; however these were necessary since this version is planned to be part of the CDROM which is almost finished. Some of the known bugs from version FEATFLOW_1.2c still exist!
    04/Apr/2000 New version of GMVPT1.2 including `moving bc' and 3D-tools !
    03/Jul/2000 New installation guides for WIN with DIGITAL FORTRAN 6.1 !
    03/Jan/2000 New installation guides for WIN95/98/NT !
    21/Feb/2000 New 'BUG REPORT' for FEATFLOW_1.2c !
    17/Feb/2000 We have prepared the new version FEATFLOW_1.2c which contains some "minor" changes of the TRIGEN3D software, the 3D variants of GUPWD.F (for upwinding) and the number of digits for GMV output. We expect that FEATFLOW_1.2 is almost finished now; the "final" version FEATFLOW_1.2d should contain some changes of the TRIGEN2D tools only, which may fail for certain local adaptation steps at the moment.

    Please tell us if there is a problem with 'tar'.

    08/Feb/2000 There is a new version of how to install FEATFLOW under WIN98 using CYGWIN
    12/Jan/2000 We have started to build up the FEATFLOW USER GROUP! You may join if you are interested! Additionally, we had to ask again for the postal addresses to send the CDROM!
    12/Jan/2000 We have added `Bubble Apps', a software package for 2D numerical simulation of reactive gas-liquid flows (by D. Kuzmin et al.)
    07/Jan/2000 There was problem with the tar-command which results in `tar: directory checksum error' when unpacking featflow1.2b.tar. We have fixed this problem! Take the new version! Sorry!!!
    Particularly on SUN's, there is a difference between /usr/local/bin/tar and /usr/bin/tar !
    07/Jan/2000 Since we are still developping the new `FEATFLOW Layout' which also influences the resulting new CDROM, it may take until February/March 2000 until we can deliver the requested CDROM ! Sorry!!!
    06/Jan/2000 The official new version of FEATFLOW (v1.2b) is available! See the Software area!!!
    This version is fully supporting GMV as visualization engine and most existing problems and bugs should be cancelled now....
    December 1999 The location of our Home Page has moved to Dortmund.
    November 1999 The official FEATFLOW1.2 will be available soon !!!
    November 1999 Our Home Page "www.featflow.de" is under fundamental reconstruction
    September 1999 We are moving....to Dortmund....until end of September!!! The new internet address is
    " www.featflow.de "
    31/Aug/99 There is a preliminary version of FEATFLOW 1.2 available! See the Software area!!!
    31/Aug/99 New version of the Particle Tracer GMVPT 1.1 including english manual! See the Software area!!!
    12/Aug/99 There is the first - still completely unofficial - version of Oswald's parallel version of PP3D in C++ which had won the student price of the SUPARCUP at the SUPERCOMPUTING in Mannheim 1997! See the Download area!!!
    However, this is really our first version and documentation and modifying this code is under process.....
    12/Aug/99 Something is wrong with the deformation tensor in the POWERLAW versions. We just fixed it!!!
    So, the corrected versions of this bug (and some others) will be soon available as FEATFLOW 1.2! See also the BUG REPORT!!! Sorry!!!
    30/Jun/99 There was a bug in the gmvpt.c file for performing the GMV-based postprocessing tool GMVPT 1.0 for Particle Tracing! See the Download area and download this small file again!!! Sorry!!!
    22/Jun/99 We have included the first version of our GMV-based postprocessing tool GMVPT 1.0 for Particle Tracing! See the Software area for GMVPT 1.0 and look at the first examples - as MPEG videos - for Particle Tracing under GMV !
    21/Jun/99 We have added a new paper and corresponding tools for making MPEG's under GMV! See the Software area for GMVMPEG for batch-oriented generation in background mode!
    15/Jun/99 We have added a new item `TASKS AND JOBS' to the menu!
    09/Jun/99 We have prepared the first examples - as MPEG videos - for Particle Tracing under GMV !
    04/Jun/99 We have added an extra item for FEATFLOW under DOS and WINDOWS95/98/NT!
    21/May/99 We are preparing a new FEATFLOW version with FULL support of GMV. Try again in June for the modified sources and new tools for easier video generation in 2D and 3D under GMV!
    20/May/99 We have provided some helpful hints for installing FEATFLOW under Windows NT!!! Look at the BUG REPORT!
    17/May/99 We have provided a small C-program for converting a sequence of GIF-files into YUV-files (and hence to MPEG's!!!).
    23/Apr/99 There is a new "Moving Boundary" example for moving heart flaps!
    08/Apr/99 We have prepared a short manual: Using GMV for 3D data from FEATFLOW. Hence, AVS is soon obsolete since we will publish a new FEATFLOW version with GMV output in all modules! This manual, written in english, is downloadable from the Documentation area! We have also created a first page in the `Virtual Album' which has realized the examples in this manual to produce MPEG videos for 3D data! Press here !
    19/Mar/99 We have started with the `FEATFLOW FONT' in the `Virtual Album'!
    12/Mar/99 Our CFD book (by Springer) is in press; look HERE for the details!
    24/Feb/99 The FEAST INDICES are finished! See the ELCH TESTS !!!
    29/Jan/99 The preliminary versions of our recent `FEAST triology' papers have been finished! See the ELCH TESTS!!!
    27/Jan/99 A new version of the CDROM is finished which is also part of our CFD book which will appear as LNCSE 6 by Springer Verlag in March 1999!
    20/Jan/99 We have figured out the `core dump' problems of the new SGI's!!! Look at the Software area!
    20/Jan/99 Dear Benchmarkers of processors and computer environments, the second preliminary version of the FEAST Indices for most recent processors and our current conclusions have been finished! Look at feast_indices.ps.gz (about 540 KB)! Look at the ELCH TESTS!
    14/Jan/99 New tools for applying the visualization tool VTK in the FEATFLOW software can be found - as gzip-tarfile including an example - HERE ! Look also at the HTML description of Georg Kosakowski
    30/Dec/98 We have started to incorporate new pages into the `Virtual Album' which all are the result of our recent Software-Praktikum at Heidelberg. All of them address flow simulations around literals, preferrably the initials of each participant. The meshes have been constructed with DEVISORGRID1.0, and the visualization has been done with GMV!
    07/Dec/98 We have started to initiate a FEAT user group. That means we plan to collect all FEAT activities worldwide and we build a mailing list such that modifications and news can be better distributed!!! See the item USER GROUP if you are interested in participating!
    27/Nov/98 We have prepared a (slightly) improved version of DEVISORGRID 1.0! There is a new movie in the `Virtual Album' (the `FEAST Logo'), and we are preparing a new version of the CDROM!
    24/Nov/98 We have modified the COLORMAP editor GENPAL for GMV. Look at the DOCUMENTATION area!
    11/Nov/98 The user manuals are ONLINE as HTML documents available. Look at the DOCUMENTATION area!
    10/Nov/98 DEVISOR 1.0 - the Java written successor of OMEGA2D for interactive domain description and coarse mesh generation - is finished. Look at the Software area or get it - as gzip-tarfile - HERE !
    30/Oct/98 More tools for applying the visualization tool GMV in the FEATFLOW software can be found - as gzip-tarfile - HERE ! They include modifications for BOUSS_2D, TRIGEN_2D, TR2TO3, TRIGEN_3D, CC3D and PP3D.
    29/Dec/98 We have finished our CFD-book, Springer.
    13/Oct/98 The english version of our short (!!!) manual is finished which describes the most important steps to start with GMV under FEATFLOW. This manual, in german and now in english, is downloadable from the Documentation area! Additionally, we have put some modifications for the TRIGEN2D software w.r.t. GMV output here ! We expect soon that we will prepare the first version of the OMEGA2D successor DEVISOR which will handle domian description and interactive coarse mesh handling under JAVA!
    12/Oct/98 We have added a more robust subroutine for time measurements under LINUX here !
    30/Sep/98 We have added some libraries ("glibc2") which are necessary under certain LINUX distributions!
    29/Sep/98 The FEAST Homepage gets a new face...
    24/Sep/98 We have modified the graphical output part of FEATFLOW 1.1 such that GMV ("General Mesh Viewer" as "free" visualization software, also running under LINUX) is directly supported! The corresponding sources and tools are in "FEATFLOW/graphic/gmv", or can be downloaded - as gzip-tarfile - HERE ! We are also preparing an additional short (!!!) manual which describes the most important steps to start with GMV under FEATFLOW. This manual, in german and soon in english, will be downloadable from the Documentation area!
    26/Aug/98 We have started with adding new pages ('flow around literals') into the `Virtual Album' (v1.2).
    19/Aug/98 We hope to have fixed (almost) all errors which occurred on DEC's and under several LINUX distributions, especially w.r.t. the file handling, the FEATFLOW examples and the FEATFLOW Benchmark !!! the most recent version of FEATFLOW 1.1! Thanks to Georg Kosakowski for his help !!! Dear FEATFLOW users, please, tell us if you have more problems!
    17/Aug/98 We have (almost) fixed the errors which occurred on DEC's and under LINUX, especially w.r.t. the file handling!!! Please, tell us if you have more problems!
    14/Aug/98 We have fixed the error which occurred when you tried to download the CDROM tarfile !!! Please, tell us if you still have problems!
    13/Aug/98 We have detected some small errors with the HTTP-service (some gif's and the cdrom.tar file which will be put on the ftp server). Additionally, we figured out that on DEC computers (workstation and PC), there are problems with certain FEAT modules: file handling (?), IEL=3 (take IEL=2) and IPRECA should not be 4!!! We are fixing these faults!
    03/Aug/98 FEATFLOW 1.1 is finished! It contains the Boussinesq-solvers, the nonnewtonian tools and the CC2D-version with moving boundaries; and a test version of CP2D is included which is the accompanying software to our CFD book!!! All software is also available as CDROM, resp., the content of the CDROM can be downloaded!
    19/Sep/97 The first "unofficial" version of the "Virtual Album of Fluid Motion" is available!
    23/Jul/98 Version 1.1 of the "Virtual Album of Fluid Motion" is available!
    30/Apr/97 The FEATxD example programs produce AVS output ...
    09/Apr/97 The Web site starts ! Included are sources and manuals of FEATxD and FEATFLOW 1.0 and some examples from the "Virtual Album of Fluid Motion"
    18/Mar/97 The FEAST project just starts ....