Windows 2000/XP compatibility

Although FeatFlow is developed and maintained in a Unix-like operating system, FeatFlow 1.3 and later support the installation in a Windows 98/2000/XP compatible environment. There are generally two possible ways to use FeatFlow in Windows:

1.) Using CYGWIN Unix emulator package
The CYGWIN Unix emulator package can be downloaded at http://www.cygwin.com. This package emulates a Unix-like environment with all necessary tools (compilers,...) that are necessary to successfully compile and run FeatFlow. We recomment this type of usage, since it supports directly the installation scripts that are used on all our machines.

2.) Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 IDE with Intel Fortran Compiler
This type of installation should only be used by advanced users. Most of the FeatFlow modules contain Visual Studio IDE project files that can be opened and directly compiled. There's no installation script provided for this type of installation, nor are the project files optimized for highest speed efficiency.
Remark: The support for Visual Studio IDE will always be beta/experimental! This IDE allowes the user to take direct influence on all compiler parameters. This makes experimenting easy but makes the installation also more vulnerable to mistakes, so there's no guarantee that it works.

Using FeatFlow 1.2d or an earlier version under Windows is not recommended but possible. For this purpose, it's necessary to patch the original installation. The patch files can be found below. Before installing the patch file you should read the manual. It describes, which modifications have to be made to the computer, how CYGWIN and FEATFLOW are installed, which traps you have to be aware of, how the XFree86 package can be installed to use GMV and how the SUN JAVA package has to be installed to support the DeViSoR module.

You can download the following files:

File Content
featflowwin1.2d.zip The FEATFLOW for Windows patch file, version 1.0, for FEATFLOW 1.2d.
Download this file and unzip it as described in the manual.
devisorwin1.0.zip Patch file for the DeViSor module version 1.0 to work with Windows.
featflowwin1.2d.ps.gz The manual to the patch file above, in postscript format.
Download and read this file if you are using GSView or another postscript viewer.
featflowwin1.2d.pdf The manual to the patch file above, in PDF format.
Download and read this file if you are using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
featflowwin1.2dmanual.zip The same manual, in compilable LATEX format.
Download this file only if you want to recompile the manual.